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Hi Guys-
I have shot 135 and MF and now I would love to try 4X5. I am stunned with the cameras, negs, and prints after seeing some in person last night. I want to get a beginners camera and want to keep it very economical in the beginning to see if it is something I really want to do a lot of. I was looking at the older Calumet monorail cameras. The price is definatly right. I have looked at a couple with Schneider lenses which seem to be highly reccomended from what I have read. I have not come across many recent thoughts on this cameras though.....Thanks for your input.

I think I would start with a 135. That's what I had on my crown graphic and it was a great standard lens, also very inexpensive and super compact.

What you'll probably realize with 4x5 and LF in general is that wide shots can be done with ~zero distortion. So it's fun to get a crazywide and just enjoy the possibilities.

Which lenses are you using for MF? Hold one in front of your 4x5 and you may be amazed. Among my recent exploits, I have been using an rz 110/2.8 on 5x7 at close focus. With LF you can use all kinds of nutty lenses... or pinholes for that matter. Just have fun with your new format!