The Verito shots were printed on Lodima, dragged through MAS amidol. 11x14 prints were on Foma 131, in dektol or ansco 130. Toning was a combination of gold, thiocarbimide, and selenium. The print of the pilings was a crop from an 8x10 neg. A little larger than 5x7 neg area. Did you see all the bird condos? Now you see what people like about red dot artars. The landmark shot was the same 24" red dot on my 8x10 with a 4x5 back. I've already forgot what the rest were. Film for flowers was Ektapan, developed in Dk-50. All others Fp-4 in Pcat-P. The tossers I added, although not bad, didn't make the final cut, and wouldn't be framed for one reason or another. Mostly toning wasn't exactly how I wanted it.
Thanks again,
John Berry (vet173)