Soon there will be a german APUG forum, but it turned out that some people who do not speak german very well will join it to learn some german words. The first I was asked for was "depth of field preview button", and we all know that it's "Abblendtaste" in german. But what about french, spanish, dutch...?

So, here is my invitation:

Let's all contribute to this APUG Dictionary of Photography (which is this thread).

Just join, add some words that you know. I will open this:

#1: SLR alias single lens reflex camera

- german: Spiegelreflexkamera
- french: appareil reflex mono objectif
- spanish: cámara reflex/cámara de espejo

#2: TLR alias twin lens reflex camera

- german: Zweiäugige Spiegelreflexkamera
- french: appareil reflex bi-objectifs
- spanish: cámara reflex de doble lente

Next, please!