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Thanks for the comment Vaughn, might I ask how you would change it were you take the image? Increase contrast, reduce contrast, crop to just the flowers or something else?

Man...try to help someone, then they put you on the spot!

My first thought would be to reduce the contrast on the leaves -- the strong dark tones on the leaves diminishes the glow that middle tones can have. Take a look at the leaf directly above the star design on the vase and imagine a similar tone on all the leaves.

But it may be an over-all lighting issue -- too harsh of a light that is in conflict with the inherent softness of the subject.. Perhaps a soft fill light might help. I am mentally picturing an upward explosion of tones -- a slightly darker toned vase, middle tones in the middle, with the whites of the flowers as they are now.

Thanks for posting your images! They have been inspirational. I might disappear into the studio tonight and photograph (8x10) a couple of artichoke flowers that I have had sitting around since the end of the summer.