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Thanks for posting your images! They have been inspirational. I might disappear into the studio tonight and photograph (8x10) a couple of artichoke flowers that I have had sitting around since the end of the summer.

Thank you for posting your comments Vaughn; the lighting is quite harsh as it's from a couple of 100W household spotlights, placed about 50cm away, with no light modification.

I think you're right, the subject needs a softer light, whereas the Allium seed head, and the pumpkin are about textures... typically brought out by the use of harsher lighting.

I'm currently reshooting the pumpkin picture as I hated the background in the original (on Ilford Multigrade of course!). Hope to post pictures later on this evening.

I'm hoping you'll go out and shoot those artichokes! Looking forward to seeing the result.