Hi all, I have been shooting black and white film for the last 6-7 months, really enjoying it and have decided to give colour processing a go. I think I am pretty happy about how to go about this.

Before I make up the chemicals I would like to know about the stability of the undiluted (raw?) chemicals. I understand that once made up the developing solution will degrade over 4 weeks (although from what it sounds like, unless expecting perfection 2-3 months should be ok), but what the unused concentrate, does this last?

For information I have just received the Fuji Hund X Press C41 kit and was thinking about making up 1 or 2 litres, leaving 3-4 undiluted. Once the seal is broken will the chemicals degrade or as they have not been mixed are they pretty much inert?

FWIW I have tried searching the forum for this point but I don't think I have found the right phrase to search with to find the answer to my question.

Many thanks