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Yeah, this is kind of why I'd like to know what the "main client" is. Is it something pretty stable, so we don't need to worry overmuch about the paper abruptly going away without warning? Or should those of us who are enjoying the paper be laying in a lifetime's stock now while we can?

I'm not even sure we know that there *is* such a "main client"---all I recall hearing is speculation, and it's now taking on the tone of gospel. Does anyone *know* that there's actually some other market keeping this paper in production, or are we just echoing one another's guesses?

In this market we are currently in all I can tell you is this.

There are NO guarantees of anything currently being manufactured being around next week let alone next year. As a result if you know what materials sing for you in your photography my advice is stop looking for meaningless information that you feel a need to process and start buying as much of your materials as you can possible afford. Shortly thereafter look for a clearance sale and purchase a chest freezer and buy twice as much.

Wake up and small the roses guys and gals. Bitching about the train leaving the station is only pertinent if you are not on the train. Nothing against those among us that have enormous amounts of patience but I do not want to coat plates or paper. As a result, I am hedging prudently against the natural uncertainty within an uncertain market. My photographic risk management model. If things turn out better than I anticipate my hedge is still valid against future price increases and I get consistent materials to work with. I don't see any downside anywhere.

Silver chloride papers are the longest lasting photographic papers manufactured. I have printed on Azo made in the 1940's and 50's that produced marvelous images.