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Hi all, I have been shooting black and white film for the last 6-7 months, really enjoying it and have decided to give colour processing a go. I think I am pretty happy about how to go about this.

Before I make up the chemicals I would like to know about the stability of the undiluted (raw?) chemicals. I understand that once made up the developing solution will degrade over 4 weeks (although from what it sounds like, unless expecting perfection 2-3 months should be ok), but what the unused concentrate, does this last?

For information I have just received the Fuji Hund X Press C41 kit and was thinking about making up 1 or 2 litres, leaving 3-4 undiluted. Once the seal is broken will the chemicals degrade or as they have not been mixed are they pretty much inert?

FWIW I have tried searching the forum for this point but I don't think I have found the right phrase to search with to find the answer to my question.

Many thanks

once the seal is broken the chemicals will degrade as you've exposed them to the atmosphere and not inert gasses.