Hello, folks. I just moved into a new house and after some reconfiguring of my ill designed basement laundry area, I think I have finally settled on that area as my future darkroom. After shooting Digital for years I just started shooting medium format less than a year ago and I am proud to say I have only picked up my DSLR once since. I shot quite a few rolls but have only printed only about a dozen prints in a rented darkroom before it shut down for the summer and now, for good. I recently purchased the books: Build Your Own Darkroom by Duren and McDonald and The New Darkroom Handbook by DeMaio, Worth and Curtain. Between these books, and Ansel Adam's, The Negative/ Print, lies my limited knowledge of the darkroom. My main concerns are the size of the sink I will need and choosing an enlarger.

The size of my room will be about 10' by 5'

I will be shooting 6X7 mostly (RB67) along with 6X6 and 35mm.

I love B&W now, but would like to print color as well.

The max print size I would like to make is 20X24 although that will be aways off until I get somewhat good at printing.

I would like to eventually begin toning in selenium and it seems as if the sink would have to be as long as my house to accommodate all the chemistry trays plus some type of print washer.

What would the best type enlarger and lens be for my needs ? Perhaps something with bulbs that aren't too expensive

Im handy so I planned on making everything from wood.

I have a decent amount to spend and my local Craiglist seems to have a good selection when I have checked it.

Can I achieve what I want within these constraints ? I realize these are extremely open ended questions. If anyone could point me towards some websites or other info I would be highly appreciative.