Hi Joe:

Do I understand correctly that you are in the New Jersey area? Your location is relevant when it comes to recommending enlargers.

The 10' x 5' space should work well for a darkroom.

While it is nice to be able to include toning as part of a single, multi-step process, I find it easier to re-soak and then tone on a separate day, after initially drying my prints. For big prints, you can also make use of a "tray ladder" as well - it permits a sort of stacking of trays.

There are lots of good enlarger recommendations. I'll start out by recommending something local to you - a Beseler 23C series enlarger. They are durable, common and they are still being made. You can use them for everything from 16mm miniature negatives to 6x9 negatives.

You may also want to consider a 4x5 enlarger. They tend to be robust and very flexible with both larger and smaller sizes, and are the sort of equipment that, even if they have had heavy, professional use, are likely to be fully functional. A Beseler 45 series enlarger, or an Omega D series enlarger (D2, D5 or D6, as an example) would be worth considering.

There are also a large number of enlarger models that are designed to "max out" at 6x7 size. Some of them, like the Beseler 67C I used for many years, are excellent choices, and reasonably plentiful on the used market.

Good luck, and have fun.