Hey guys.

This last week after waiting for a long time to get my hands on some chems, I finally started the journey into developing my own C-41 with a Tetenal Liquid kit. Long story short, I've encountered a hurdle I can't seem to overcome.

Basically I seem to be getting this really odd yellow cast in my images. I've developed 3 rolls so far, and all are the same thing. It's all been cheap supermarket Superia 400, and at first I thought it could have been some of my sloppy B&W techniques carrying over with my first roll, but the more precise I get my temps and times, the more of the same results I get. By the 3rd roll my times were absolutely second perfect, and temps well within 1C. Initially I blixed for the recommended times, but by the 3rd roll I'd gone from 4mins to 6mins and still got more of the same. These 2 sample shots are from the 2nd and 3rd rolls. Top image was clear sunny day, bottom was bright overcast.

Do these issues ring bells to anyone here? I'm really at a loss for where to go now, and a little dejected by the whole process at the moment.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.