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I assume that these were scans of the negative, right?

If so, then the negatives are overly blue in color to give a yellow cast to the scan. This is quite unusual in my experience, as it indicates overdevelopment of the cyan and magenta layers, or underdevelopment of the yellow layer. This is a bit hard to do. Usually things go the other way.

In any event, it could also be a bleach problem or a fix problem, but that is very unlikely.

Sorry I don't have a better guess. You sure you didn't leave a filter on the lens?

Hah, I really wish it was just a filter being on.

Yeah, these are scans of the negatives. All the reading I've done on trying to resolve this pretty much, as you say, mentions the opposite rather than what's going on here. I had thought of it being a bleach or fix problem too, but after the longer time in the blix third time around and the results being pretty much exactly the same, I was inclined to rule that out. And I was hoping with all your experience you'd have the easy (non-filter) answer too. Do you think it could be a film issue? I'd debated buying some Portra today to try out to see if I got the same issues.