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I find it very easy to use: Just shoot and enjoy!

If you want to shoot a gray wall, well then, every technology will do well and you can go even with digital.

But, if you want to capture the natural light when it's at its best, the only way to go may be (neg) film. For example, a forest, where sunlight comes as millions of tiny rays. I have yet to see a digital image capable of reproducing these kind of lightning conditions.

Although being quite rare situations, they are the most beautiful and very sad to miss due to technology.
Then I would propose 'youre doing it wrong'.

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Exactly, 'exposure latitude' should be called 'highlight-exposure latitude'.
In standard processing, in my home process, it only has underexposure latitude, with 2 stops under being best, 1 stop over is there and scannable but is dense and has a thin density range that needs stretching out.

Point is, its all in the processing