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That looks like severe underdevelopment to me, but the color shift is wrong.

You can see the bluish tinge in the color negatives though which is typical of a problem, but an unusual one. I also see low contrast where the original post did not show that very clearly to me.

I guess now that it is either underdevelopment due to low temperature or dilution or time. It might also be bad film. In any event, I am basing this more on contrast now than on the hue of the final image. Did you prewet to bring the processing drum or tank up to 38 deg C? Did you hold it there for the entire 3' 15"?

Thanks for that.
Yeah I did a prewet for a good 5mins before starting. A carry-over from my typical B&W process which has always been worthwhile, I've found. In regards to holding the tank at temp, I didn't actually check the temps coming out (I'll have to do this next time too) as I'm not rotating the tank in a waterbath (my kingdom to find a jobo processor here), but the room wasn't exactly cold when developing so I can't picture a large drop off in temps in the space of just over 3mins. Not one to suggest this level of issue anyway, but then maybe I'm being too relaxed about temperature?

Food for thought for another round of developing tonight with some in-date Portra.