Here is a shot from some ISO 200 (expired) Paradies Fotowelt film I got that been sitting in a op shop for however long in the hot weather for 50 cents for the roll

Exposed as ISO200, ceiling bounce flash.

Developed in Rodinal 1+25 with 1 level teaspoon of table salt (saxa brand, non-iodised) at 24c (I think, therm is broken, but at this temp outside, its normally ~24c) for 10 minutes.

Then fixed, then bleached with a colour bleach.

Exposed to sunlight, and developed in Kodak E6 Colour Developer, then bleached and fixed

(wth the obvious wash steps in between :P)

The raw scan with no adjustments uses about half the histogram space on the scanner, so fairly decent.

All the normal shots I took were @ 200-400.

I shot the simple test chart I have from 100-3200, 100 was a bit dense, with a thin density range (didnt use much of the scanner's histogram), 400, 800 and 1600 all looked healthy in that department and actually look pretty good visually too.

3200 isnt actually thin, its in a good spot (according to the histogram) with a reasonable range even, magenta looks less like magenta and more like red though (rodinal already forms some of the colour dye - though more on the slower speeds than higher speeds...)