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My suggestion is you've mixed the part A, B, C of the developer up in the wrong ratios, or you've added them out of order (they do funky stuff and gets precipitate when you do that), add them to the required amount of water rather than mixing the concentrates together then to water.
This has me thinking. The ratios were right but I did add the chemicals together than added the water at the end. Seemed harmless at the time but I wonder if it could have been enough to make this happen.

After running another test tonight with a rubbish 4x5 sheet of Portra 160NC and getting a similar result, I'm starting to wonder if that could be it. My developing was done completely in a waterbath that didn't budge off exactly 38C for the whole development cycle, and only fell 1C during the blix cycle. Not a temp issue, I'm beginning to believe.