That is a truly fun shot.

Backlit wedding shots (ala Jose Villa and others) are another place C-41 really stands out too.

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This brings to mind one shot of mine which had a lot of brightness range... literally into the sun while still hoping to have good detail on a subject with no fill (it was moving, I just couldn't set it up quickly enough). People are probably sick of it but it illustrates some things. The shot was with a fisheye and there was all kinds of flare, but I liked the way the flare connected the sun to the flower and pointed to the sub-subject. I don't think I would have had all the detail and colour of the flare and the rest of the scene without colour neg film. I mean, people think I dodged and burned or something, but it ain't so... just a straight scan. We were talking about this and a wedding photographer who had been accused of photoshop manipulation had some great examples also with fuji pro H colour neg film, I can't remember the thread.