I have not tried them, but there is General Camera Repair on Colorado near Sierra Madre.

2218 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91107-3656
(626) 449-4533

Do not - I repeat - do NOT go to Whilton...worst crap excuse for a repair shop I have ever used. Repairs were never done right, and always broke. Charged me for unneeded work. Every camera I took to him had to be taken to Steve's in Culver City to get it done right after it broke again. Got back an Canon F-1 once with lubricant literally dripping out from the base plate, and he replaced a part that did not need to be replaced. After two supposed CLAs, the same problems crop up, and I start ruining irreplaceable rolls because I expected the CLA to hold. He doesn't listen. He doesn't diagnose. He just takes an arrogant shotgun approach to his repairs. Camera purchased "just CLAd" one time had major issues not even worth repairing. Once he backed out of the two-lens deal he had made with me on a camera, for which I had left a deposit, and then tried to make it a one-lens "deal" for $20 less than the price we had agreed upon...for no apparent reason. I can see why he had to move his storefront into his home. I wasted at least $700 in this shop before I stopped giving him chances and the benefit of the doubt. In my experiences, not one thing was ever done perfectly in this shop...but he seemed nice enough, and fixed things if within six months...only to break again.