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Though I have arthritis in my hands I can adjust either the nut with a box wrench (spanner) or the screw with a screw driver quite easily. The elegant tensioning knob would certainly personalize your work, but IMHO be a waste of effort and expense.

What does get the arthritis calling is if the leaf spring does not slide right into the slot and you have to push it in several times to make the connection. When I complained of this problem years ago, I was told there were two solutions. Get a vacuum frame or take two aspirin and call him in the morning. The person did not say what I should call him in the morning.
Hmmm, wouldn't it be nicer to not have to use additional tools to get something to work?

By the way, thank you all for your comments so far - I'll have to get some drawings made up, or if possible get a frame made up (even if at a slightly smaller size), that way we could refine the approach and go from there.

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