Hello everyone.
A few months ago I bought this fabulous "ENSIGN Popular Reflex" (1920?)
It is in excellent cosmetic shape, but inside it has some problems.
A curtain is missing, but in general appears to have a future.
The rollers have tension if I roll up.
But the problem is I can not deduct how the curtains sewn each other whit the cloth tape, and how long the tape should be…
I'm not a camera repairman, I'm just an amateur with a nice camera that I would like to work ... I had success repairing a “Reflex Korelle”, and I thought, why not with the old ensign. (Should be easier, but in the korelle there was no missing parts)
So any help is welcome, drawings, diagrams, sketches, anything!
Best Regards.
Luciano from Argentina.

PD: I Upload some images to those who wants to help