I recently acquired a newer model Beseler 45 (rear struts) and discovered that it is a couple of inches taller than my existing one (front struts). A condenser head hits the ceiling, but fortunately I plan on using the 45S head on that chassis, and the condenser just clears the ceiling on the older chassis. I knew it would be close when I found it would only fit in the car one way around 8-)

I have 20x16 trays, but my 9'x8' darkroom is a tight fit to use them. 11x14 is much more reasonable. I batch tone separately from printing, partly because of space, and partly because of the time toning takes.

I tend to use 50mm for 35mm, 75mm for 6x4.5 and 6x6, 105mm for 6x9, and 135mm for 4x5".