I would second the recommendation of buying an enlarger with the 500 system already installed. One warning though - make sure you get the mixing boxes and the plates that the boxes rest on with the enlarger/ilford head (it is not uncommon to see ilford 500 equipped enlargers sold w/ the mixing boxes missing - they tend to get lost in the shuffle when these systems change hands...and tracking them down can be a royal PITA). In the States, Omega D/ilford 500 setups seem to be the most popular ilford 500 variants by far (something to keep in mind if you need to track down mounts, boxes, etc.) I would imagine that in your location Dursts and DeVeres would be the most common variants. In any case, you made a good choice...the Ilford 500 system is a joy to use (and enough of them were sold to ensure that 2nd hand parts/donors will be available for quite awhile)