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The diffuser box is a "soft box", but still the light gets condensed by the Leitz condensers. I've seen solutions where someone built a diffuser which should replace the condenser of the Focomat. (If I recall correctly it consisted of probably 3 layers of opal glass.) While the results were acceptable they had totally lost what I personally interpret as the "Focomat signature". I.e. (still in my mind) they were softer in both sharpness and contrast.

My Focomat 11c has the 500H mounted directly over the negative stage. I think Ilford must have sold 2 adaptor kits for the 11c as I have seen pictures of 11cs with the 500h mounted above the condensers. But mine is not a bodge job, it is a genuine Ilford adaptor kit. It saves height as I have limited ceiling space.