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My Focomat 11c has the 500H mounted directly over the negative stage. I think Ilford must have sold 2 adaptor kits for the 11c as I have seen pictures of 11cs with the 500h mounted above the condensers. But mine is not a bodge job, it is a genuine Ilford adaptor kit. It saves height as I have limited ceiling space.
I've seen those too and they are good but (in my eyes) a tiny tad softer than the condenser version. But again, that is my opinion.

About the OP's question: The advice of finding a complete enlarger with an already fitted 500H is very good advice. As the OP lives in Holland, I recon that Durst, Leitz, Agfa and possbily DeVere are more common than the american enlargers (Beseler, Omega ...).