Hello to All,
It has been years since I made a pinhole image. My "specialty" is emulsion making,in-camera color separation and Platinum/gum on glass. But I have decided to push my practice to the limits by making Color Separations with a pinhole camera. Attached is a diagram of a Tri-color,one-shot camera, which I have. This is a 5x7 camera which contanes 2 pellicle mirrors. The light from the lens takes 3 paths and is filtered through one of three Red,Green or Blue cut-off filter. The distance from the lens to the red filter is 12 inches with the bellows totaly contracted.
My question is:What is the MAXIMUM pinhole diameter that can still produce an image. I have seen nice pinhole images where exposure time is measured in MONTHS. I am willing to do this, or use strong multiple strobes.