we are not just about film
No, of course not, and there are dedicated forums for all the different processes. And I accept that this board is not the place to talk about the merits/use of software, scanners etc.

However, it is a fact that virtually all new or re-converts to film are not going to leap straight in with a fully wet process, myself included. I want to shoot film, discuss camera repairs, talk about exposure & lighting, but the fact remains for my circumstance I send my film to be developed by someone else. Sometimes I just get prints, sometimes a CD as well. I am also interested to know which films scan best, which isn't a discussion about scanners, but about film!

If this board is going to attract and keep new people who will, once they have been made welcome and feel that they will get something out of it, reach the point where they want to actually subscribe, it has to accept that there is a crossover.

At the moment I am wondering whether subscription is a good idea, or whether this is a closed group. I support the film manufacturers by buying film, but perhaps this board is just *too* analogue to meet my requirements. Seems a bit crazy to turn off potential subscribers, but there you go!