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How does the film hold up to the heat? What do you do to protect it?
The film held up pretty well, all things considered. The caveat being that I am more of a pictorialist than a realist, so the types of effects you see in the photos above are a bonus for me where they might be ruinous for someone else. The results can be very unpredictable, some sheets/shots will come out pristine and some will look like liquid emulsion was brushed on sandpaper. I just try to go with the flow and stay cool.

So far I haven't done anything to protect the film. For a time I considered building some sort of enclosure out of a fire blanket or something like that but abandoned the idea after realizing the bulkiness required and that ambient heat would probably be the biggest problem anyway. If the gear and film were exposed to direct flame I'd have a lot more than my exposure to worry about! As it is I nearly broke my neck trying to climb down the stairs to exit when the fire got too hot.