Okay, I've had a Kenro vertical process camera listed in the classifieds for some time now,and nobody seems to want it. Now I'm going to dismantle it for parts. Its an 18"x24" machine, so I'll have bellows, lens,focusing screen(GG), vacuum back(w/vac and foot switch), etc. I'd rather it went out of here intact(for cheap), but I will sell parts from it. I'm willing to swap parts or entire unit for LF(4x5)camera or accessories , lenses, or tripod. Pics are available, shipping is available (parts only)at buyers expense.It seems a shame that it going to waste(scrapyard) if noone wants it. It would be excellent for alternative processes or even as an enlarger-it would serve as either without any mods the way it is set up. I bought it for screen printing, but that never materialized. Did I mention the uV light source? How about the Goertz lens?