I considering parting with a large format lens that I have had for many years. Here is the basic information from the rim:
C. P. Goerz A.M. Opt. Co. Apochromat ARTAR 70 in. F:16
Physical dimensions: Approx 6” external diameter. Approx 9” length.
The lens itself weighs just over 19lbs.

It was used on a custom built, large format graphic arts camera and dates back to the late 40's or early 50's. It is still in very good condition and has a custom wood storage case. It has been locked away in a safe for about 20 years and I have decided that it's time to finally part with it.

Anyone know of sources other than eBay that would be a good place to list such a lens? I know there has to be a very small market for something like this but also want to make sure it ends up somewhere that it can be used or maintained in a collection. If nothing else, it makes a wonderful conversation piece!

I have posted a few photos of the lens.
(The CD shown in the one photo is just for a size reference.)

Thanks in advance!