I was poised to order a Report series 4002 tripod for my lightweight 8x10 field. Without seeing one in the flesh, I thought that this would be stable enough (rated to 10kg) for my 4kg camera and light lenses. Am I right?

I then remembered about leg locks - anyone know what they are like on the report tripods. The website is not that clear really about how angles are set and locked. I ask as I have heard some cursing the lack of locks on the Zone V1 tripod when their wooden beauty nose dives into tarmac! I saw tehm selling chains on the site too, which made me suspect that the legs do not lock nicely. Any comments regarding likelihood of my camera hitting the deck?

( I was also going to get a gitzo 1570M head, but seeing a used 1370M makes me wonder is this would be up to the job??)