I keeping reading about how BTZS is superior to the Zone System and wish to learn more. I have Phil Davis's BTZS book (older version) but still have not made the connection in my brain about the process.

I guess that is because he starts out with a Zone System explanation instead of just moving into his system. As many folks have stated...the book seems somewhat complicated and has much testing before you graduate to understanding the concepts.

As per another's view on a different forum ....

As a long time user of the ZS I could kick myself for dismissing the BTZS as "too" complicated and too "testy", when in fact the tests done under the BTZS are far simpler and yield far more info than the traditional ZS.

I once again am curious.

Does anybody know of another book that I might purchase that would approach explaining BTZS instead of the Phil Davis book?

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