I've just bought two 5L kits of Fujihunt chemicals and plan to use them with my ATL-1500.

For E6 I use kodak's single-use kit with great result. I normally run two rolls of 120 in 250ml of chemicals, and it works great. I run my 8x10" sheets in 125ml, and it works even though I think they turn up a bit darkish.

Anyhow, I've been browsing the forum for a good answer on what capacity the Fujihunt chemicals have but I haven't found one yet.

If I decide to go the single-use case I would love to be able to run 2 rolls in something like 250ml, otherwise it would be too expensive.

Maybe it's better to mix up 1L at a time, fill my chemicals bottles in the process to the top (~700ml) and then mix them back with the unused chemicals?

Can you guys tell me how you use these chemicals?