OK, it's not an official outing, not even the first or limited to Hasselblad shooters. But it is a good excuse to go out and shoot some film with fellow APUGers. Might be nice to put some faces to the names we come across on the forum here.

Myself and fellow member Mihai are planning to go shoot at Black Creek Pioneer Village this Sunday (Dec 13th). We plan to meet in the parking lot by 11:00 am.
The admission is $15 but you save $2 if you buy in advance online.

Bringing our Hasselblads out to play for the day. Weather is supposed to be good too. We'll wait in the parking lot for 10-15 minutes before going in. I'm sure it will be easy to recognize the other APUGers - we'll be the ones swinging the metal bricks and light meters around our necks!

Cheers, hope to see you there.