Have fun Bharat (and everyone else!)

I used to work at BCPV for a few years -- I certainly have more than a few photos to show for it! If it's not busy don't be afraid to ask the interpreters if you can photograph them working (rather than posing, which is what most visitors seem to prefer us to do). Most of the buildings will have low light levels (although this depends on the time of day) so bring high speed film or be prepared to push if you want to shoot indoors. As a rule tripods and monopods are not allowed inside the buildings (mostly for safety reasons) unless you ask in advance (some photo classes have done this).

And please, whatever you do, don't ask "Is that a real fire?" (because, yes, it is).

Here's yours truly in First House at the spinning wheel. This was shot late in the afternoon, probably around 4 p.m. It was tough to set the camera up, trip the timer, run back to the wheel and get it spinning enough to show movement (while trying to keep extremely still due to the low shutter speed) before the shutter released. Neg scan only.
Rachelle, thank you for the valuable hints. Never been there before so I was about to call the place to find out if they have any restrictions on picture taking. You addressed my concerns. I love old interiors and it's a pitty we cannot use tripods. Will see how it goes, if we like the place perhaps we can organize better next time and get a permit ahead of time. Cheers