A sad day indeed, I will need to put to rest my Jobo's for good in the coming year. Parts are becoming impossible to get , service is non existant.
My Alt 2300's have given me years of fantastic use and they owe me nothing.

I want to continue with film processing and I still want to use all my Jobo drums , reels that I have thousands of dollars invested in.

I am looking for a geek/master tech head , here on APUG that I can commission to build me a rotary platform that can hook up to all my drums, It must mimic the agitation that an Alt2300 does at two different speeds.
We will hand fill and drain rather than the auto feature of the 2300 design so I am really looking for a base, programable timer and a connection that will hold the various tanks up to expert drums.
In fact I will need up to 4 bases if the budget permits. Right now one working model will do.
Parts must be North American, local to Toronto preferrably, I do not want to be looking for exotic plastic devices.

I have 5 thumbs on each hand and though I know what I want , I cannot make this device if my life depended upon it.

If this is a project someone here is interested in persuing please email me at bob@elevatordigital.ca.
I do know about Joboman, I do know about Omega Sattar, I am not trying to fix the 2300 anymore , I want to replace the base and work a bit more manually.