As PE noted, for those who use the Jobos, failure of the units is an issue that is the back of our collective minds. One alternative for roll film could well be the Heiland TAS processor available from Dr. Ross at RH Designs. One might be able to merge the TAS with the Processor Two automatic temperature compensating timer and do almost as well as the Jobo. Of course, the ATL is completely automated whereas with other units one has to empty and fill the tanks. Another possibility ( sheet film ) is obviously to return to tray processing which, all things considered, is really not that difficult. Once again, to make things easier ( if you don't feel comfortable juggling film by hand ) is to purchase one of the "slosher" units from PF. Simply put the sheets into the compartments of the slosher which is in the appropriate tray, add the temperature probe from the RHDesign compensating timer to the developing tray, and away you go by simply moving the slosher from one tray to another. Once again, manual in the dark....but then again, you will be able to develop all of your images. Finally, and I realize that many will not feel comfortable doing so, learn to develop by inspection. A number of individuals on APUG have learned to DBI ( sheet film only of course ), and I am also learning to do so. Some seem to get the "hang of it quickly", others struggle. However, in most cases, with practice comes mastery...and one is liberated forever from time and temperature constraints, as well as the Jobo. Just a few suggestions that you probably already know about. Obviously, there are other alternatives including tanks, nitrogen burst, etc., etc. I really hope that you can find a way to fix your Jobo automatic processor.