He is the same person that outfits Dinesh.

I have spent a lot of time with sink lines and to go back to calumet basket with nitrogean burst is not an option that I want to consider. I would like to solve my situation with the tanks and reels I have
As pointed out I need to use Rotary Process as I cannot mess around with clients film who have had 15 years of Jobo process and it really is complicated for me to go back to sink. I do agree PE that one can do more film with a sink line but for reasons not obvious, a rotary process is more consistant with different operators using the machine than some of the dip and dunk systems I have used in the past. As well I would need to build a new room to house all of this
I have $$$$$ invested in reels and tanks not easily replaced .
I really am looking for a base system that is programable that can accept my tanks, I have over 30 of these suckers in various sizes and they are IMO irreplacable and I curse Jobo, curse them I say.

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basket or sink line process

I think Bob served his time with sink lines,
but they are set up to do what they are doing,
and it is better to substitute the thing that turns the Jobo tanks than to re-jigger the whole process

Great lab, by the way. Except for Bob's tailor.