Hi Rachelle,

Thank you very much for the insight. It's been many many years (Probably school field trips!) since I've been to the village. Amusing first hand story (#3) had a good chuckle on that one. But you're right - some people do get rude. I've always had good luck with asking before shooting - just common courtesy.

I'm hoping it won't be crowded due to the recent weather and being the weekend, but will make the most of it. Appreciate the tips on what and when to shoot. I'll take the tripod and monopod - at worst, they'll will stay in the car if anyone objects. I might also take the P&S for some quick grab shots for reference.

Love your shots - especially the detail shot of the orange and the Cabinet maker's apprentice - great atmosphere and story in that one.

May be a while till we post our shots - have a backlog of film to process over the christmas break.

Cheers, B.