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.....I have spent a lot of time with sink lines and to go back to calumet basket with nitrogean burst is not an option that I want to consider. I would like to solve my situation with the tanks and reels I have......

..........I have $$$$$ invested in reels and tanks not easily replaced .
I really am looking for a base system that is programable that can accept my tanks, I have over 30 of these suckers in various sizes and they are IMO irreplacable and I curse Jobo, curse them I say........

I know you have now. Many younger people have not. But, if Jobo has left the market and there is no replacement, we must cope. Of course, we also have to rely on color film being around in the first place.

So, we do what we must to stay in business, right?

If there is no replacement or substitute, then we must improvise something.

Sorry I cannot help any further.