Acroel Trond
thankyou for your posts.

I am completely fed up with Jobo, I am so pissed off that they would abandon in NA their long time loyal customers.
I do understand that today at least I can find parts, I can keep my machine alive for a very unseeable future. But my reality is that I have one technician who can fix my machines here in Canada, by the time he shows up, diagnosis the problem , then go I go to Volkswagan and get reamed up the a#### for a windshield wiper motar, then get the technician back replace the motar, get reamed up the a### by the technician, start the machine up and two runs later the machine stops working.. Then phone the technicinan , wait a week for him to show up , he diagnosis the problem as a memory pad chip, get reamed up the a&&&& again, phone Omega Sattar, find out the chip will cost $350 USdollars and by the way it will take 6 weeks to get from Europe..

I have now run two runs of film, my Clients think I am a dork, and now I feel like a dork spending so much money trying to fix this f...888 machine.
I have bought three additional machines on the market, and guess what, they all have f###***** stupid problems associated with them.
This is no way to operate a business and I have to address these issues, I am commited to run film as long as Harmon produces and till the day my depends start filling up without my knowledge.. Hopefully my young staff members will get hooked on what we do and keep running film for another 50 years.

Therefore I have decided to build four bases with all available parts local, simple design and force my technicians to manually fill and drain the tanks.
For me this is the only solution, the thousands of dollars I have invested in reels and tanks should be good for another twenty years, I will only have to buy coupling cogs to attach the drum to the rollers and maybe that is not needed.

I also have decided to buy the modified sidekick from phototherm for smaller film runs and C41 and E6 capabilities

Paul Ewins diagnosis seems correct, except that I can survive with one shot manually filled and drained.
So folks he mentioned light engineering works people.. Who typically would be light engineering works.

and I do appreciate all the posts

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Last year, when I was a little worried about the availability of spare parts for my ATL-1000, I wrote an e-mail to Jobo in Germany and asked them, and this is the answer I got:

JOBO ATL1000 spare-parts are still available and machines can be repaired by our service.
JOBO ATL-1500 and 4080 Colorprocessor CPP-2 are available ex stock.

So they had spare parts, and the ATL-1500 and CPP-2 available in stock, in 2008. I suggest that anyone looking for spare parts, or a new machine, contact them directly.