Hello all.

I am since one year ago the proud & satisfyed owner of a Bronica RF645 with a 65mm f4.0 lens. Now I am considering the 100mm f4.5 lens - I am shoting a wedding this summer. Usually I borrow/rent a more conventional setup for weddings, like a Hassel or a SQA with 110-150 lenses.

The question is: will a 100mm f4.5 lens on a 645 negative give a DOF that is narrow enough for portraits? The closest focusing on this lens i 6 feet. I don't need getting any closer and I have no problems imaginig the framing with this lens. It is the DOF that is big issue here.

The pictures I will take is typically a tight vertical aligned crop with two persons - on a beach. The water and horizon will be the background - there is no disturbing elements - I still want the background as blurry and OOF as possible. If the sun and the weather stand by me, the background will be high-key bright white and hopefully blurred out. I have attached an example on hw I hope this will turn out. This particular picture was taken with a Rolleiflex TLR that died shortly after it was taken.