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Nova are certailnly still in business and make a product called Tarbuster for cleaning processors http://www.novadarkroom.com/product/...Tarbuster.html

I never really had much problem with the dev and stop slots on mine, but never found any product to remove the the black coating from the fixer slot.
Peter Like Blighty I have successfully used household bleach once to remove the black coating. I didn't do any measuring but in a one litre slot it was probably 20 of water to 1 of bleach(maybe slightly stronger).I had to leave it at least 24 hrs as I recall and then use a bottle brush fairly vigorously. For very stubborn stains, draining and refilling for another 24hrs may be necessary.

So yes it does work but now I'd be concerned about brittleness based on the comment. I can't think of why it should affect Nova material more than say any other plastic and I haven't had to do it again. Normal scrubbing with a bottle brush using water has been enough.

My problem stemmed from leaving fix in the slot for months without using or draining. I suspect that if the processor is used often then the black coating doesn't take hold because the old fix is dumped often enough and a quick "scoosh"( liquid sloshed around the slot quickly in a jet-like form for non Scottish readers with water is enough.

I don't suppose strong bleach does any material much good if used very often.