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I assume your point is, if your drums are too high capacity, you waste a lot of chemicals, cause the chemical fill is a function of drum size, not amount of film in the drum, correct?
Yes - you have to waste more chemicals than actually required, PLUS you need to handle those unwieldy big drums, PLUS you're putting extra strain on the Jobo lift (your processor does have a lift, doesn't it?)

In short: when I have only two films to do, I use the smallest tank available/adequate.
When I have many films at once, I use the appropriate one.

Last weekend I had to develop 24 sheets of 4x5 Velvia. I had to do it in two runs, because:

1) my largest drum is Jobo 2840 (which is actually a PRINT drum, BTW), and
2) I only have 3 reels for 4x5 - one new 2509N, and two older 2509 (without "N" designation). Therefore, the max. number of sheets I can do is 14 (6 in the new reel, and 4 each in the older reels).