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Thanks Denis... I read that some of the jobo reel drums (35mm and 120/220) are much harder to load than some of the other ones... plus, metal vs. plastic?
Can't help you there - I've never used metal reels. Apart from Jobo, I've used Paterson ones (self-loading, those with the small steel ball), which are good.
I don'h have any problems loading: I got used to those Jobo plastic ones, I guess

With 120 format it helps to snip off the corners of the film before loading it. The reels should be perfectly dry before loading - otherwise it could be very difficult. If you're doing E6, you should not use the final rinse while the film is on the reel: remove the film and put it in a separate tray containing the final rinse. If you do use final rinse (detergent-like, foams a lot) with film on the reel, you should wash the reel very thoroughly afterwards. Same goes for Photo-flo for B/W films. It makes the reels rather sticky if you don't wash them very carefully afterwards, using hot water and an old toothbrush or something.