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They were top drawer when new.

The blotter pack dryer is THE BEST DRYING SYSTEM for fiber prints that exists. I have a Burke and James that works on the same principle. Nothing else dries fiber that flat. It may get a curl, but no "wavy edges" that will not flatten.

Wash the prints well so you do not contaminate the blotters. Squeegee and air dry a bit before putting them in.Low heat works best.

Treat this puppy like it was gold. If you don`t want it, PM me. They were around $800 in the 1970`s.
He is talking about a film washer/dryer, not a print washer/dryer. I was following that auction and was in disbelief that someone would pay so much. So it was you! I even posted a link to the sale price on the "Wacky Things on Ebay" thread. I have never seen one of these items in action but have always been intrigued by Salthill. What I really would like to see is one of the fiber optic enlargers. Nobody ever mentions them here and I have no idea how many were sold. (Kind of like the Calumet LED light source.)

I did buy a Salthill print washer that used the bubbles as a form of turbulence for washing paper. The unit I bought was slightly broken and any idiot but me could have fixed it. However, I was impressed by the design but not by its use. The water flow was excessive compared to my Summitek print washer and in the end I gave away the Salthill print washer. Unbelievable.

Regarding drying film on the reels, I would be sure to give it enough time to ensure that it is truly dry so that you don't find stray water droplets once you remove the film from the reels and then have no easy place to dry the loose roll of film.