Some time in the early spring of next year, I plan to do a fashion shoot, 1930s style, using a 1930s car, with clothes and props to match.
As it will be shot in colour, I would like the best of the results to look as if they were colour prints made in the 1930s - i.e. to look as if the prints were made some 70 years ago.
The principal colour print processes used in those days were Trichrome Carbro and Kodak Wash-Off Relief.
Does anyone know, or have any thoughts on, what a Carbro or Wash-off relief print would look like now having been printed 70+ years ago?
By this I mean: Colour Dye fading, Lack of density, Chemical attack on the dyes or paper base. Or other reasons.
I would think that the Cyan dye faded fastest, giving the print a magenta/red appearance, and maybe the highlights would bleach to yellow, similar to the early Agfacolor CN111 paper. But on the other hand, with entirely different dyes used, the prints may have faded in a different manner.
Any suggestions gratefully received. M.T.