Hello everyone, I am a long time reader making my first post today on Apug. Recently I acquired an Atl 1500, and have successfully processed some 4x5 c-41 sheet film. However, I have some 120 roll film that I'm going to process and am a bit skeptical about the chemical quantity suggested in the instructions. When I ran the 4x5 film, the book stipulated 570mL of chemistry. I am using the kodak flexicolor chemistry so it was 570mL of developer/bleach/fix in bottles 1/2/3, turned out great. With 120 film the book says only 125/250/330mL are needed for 1/2/3 rolls of 120 film respectively. The reason I wonder is that, with the film spiraling towards the center of the reel, is 330mL (especially in the #4219 tank) enough chemistry that all the film on the reel will actually dip below the chem level at some point? Or will only the film towards the outside of the reel get developed at all? I admit I have run one set of 120 film already, but I chickened out and used 570mL of chemicals instead, and it worked well. I realize that it's silly to doubt the book when it obviously worked before, but before I put the film at risk in search of greater economy I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if someone else here has tried it with the 330mL and succeeded.

Thank you in advance for any and all replies!