Here's mine. The wet side is 8' long; the dry side is 6'8" and the room width is also 6'8". The wet side can accomodate 16x20 trays, but only three at a time making multiple bath processes an interesting logistical conundrum. I use the LPL4550XLG most often anymore since I'm doing more LF than MF, but the 23CIIIXL is great for making contacts and for flashing paper when it's not being used for enlarging. The third photograph is of the oil filled space heater and the rubber mat floor covering which is exceptionally comfortable to stand on. Since the darkroom is on the ground floor (which is a walkout basement) that we've converted into Susan's art studio, I have to use an 'up' pump to drain the sink....but it works extremely well, and is only on intermittently. There's a walkman and two self powered speakers as well. Man I love being there!!