I received a box of antique processing equipment ("If you want this, you have to take it all").

Included is a circa 1910 Kodak wooden film tank and the metal tank that must have been included in the package. From what I can deduce, the wooden box must be a daylight loader that spools roll film into an apron to be used in the metal processing tank. This came with an original labeled Kodak box with room for both tanks. I don't envision ever using it.....would anyone like it?

The apple of my eye in the deal was a cute "Kodak Home Enlarger" head (no rail or folding easel). It is apparently a horizontal enlarger for amateur use. This came in an original Kodak package, as well. I don't see enough room in the box for the enlarger's base and easel, though, maybe a separate box?

My second question is concerning the value of the enlarger head...can I hack it up to be a platform for a home built camera, or does it have collector's interest enough to make that a crime against history? Thanks!