Thank you for the info. I'll try Yahoo.
Dye Transfer was the improved version of Wash-Off Relief, introduced in 1946 in the U.S.A. (1947 U.K.). Dye Transfer used a tanning developer where W.O.R. used an ordinary negative dev. like DK50 and then the matrices were tanned in a bichromate solution. The gelatine was then "washed off" to give the relief images. There were a few other improvements.
In my last year at photography college I remember I did some research into Dye Transfer in the hope that I might make a Dye Transfer print one day. I even sent off for the Kodak booklet , No.E-80, on the process which I still have. At that time I was heavily engaged in making duplicate transparencies, the odd interneg, and C and R type prints so I never got round to making a Dye print. But it's interesting reading about how dye transfer and carbro prints were made. M.T.

Bob Carnie, Thank you for the name to google.M.T.